“We think of our HMR team as part of our practice. They act like one of us and they help us in more ways that they probably know. Every HMR person has been eager to help us learn…they are never condescending. We are a far better practice today, as our revenues and profits have improved measurably.”

Practice Operations Improvement

The primary differentiating factor between HMR and other firms is simple — we achieve predictable, material results for our clients. We have earned our reputation by not just developing effective practice re-engineering plans, but by providing hands-on implementation of each and every recommendation we make. HMR professionals with decades of real world practice management experience will work on-site with your staff to achieve optimal operating results. While financial performance is key, HMR never loses its focus on quality of care, patient satisfaction levels, physician relations and provider retention.

Assessment and Process Re-design

One of the lynchpins of success in improving practice operating results is thorough assessment, analysis and observation of the current operation. By preparing market-based benchmarking of numerous cost factors, analysis of financial, billing and productivity data, conducting staff and provider interviews, and extensive on-site observation, HMR gains an intimate understanding of your current operations. Based on the results of this extensive analytical process, HMR then develops its re-engineering plan for the practice consisting of detailed recommendations for procedural improvements that will systematically reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance revenue.

Increased Reimbursement

Most of our clients report a 5% to 7% annual increase in revenues from our proven revenue cycle enhancement process, with some clients reporting as much as an 11% improvement. Our clients range from single physician practices to multi-hospital integrated healthcare systems that employ hundreds of providers. The multi-faceted HMR approach focuses on charge capture, documentation, coding, billing performance, provider training and staff education to ensure that the practice will receive every penny in legitimate reimbursement. While our focus is squarely on maximizing legitimate reimbursement, we never compromise on our commitment to 100% compliance.

Education and Training Services

HMR structures provider and staff training that enhances core capabilities and achieves best practices performance. Training is provided on-site and is available in documentation standards, coding and physician billing. All training is provided by certified instructors with in-depth experience in their respective disciplines.

Managed Care Reviews

HMR provides in-depth reviews of managed care contracts and formulates recommendations for changes in contractual terms and payment rates. If desired, we will spearhead negotiations of new or revised managed care contracts — we have a twenty year track record of successfully increasing reimbursement for our clients. HMR also provides contract management audits to assure that appropriate reimbursement is being received and to reclaim lost revenue.