“The professionals at HMR have a deep understanding of the issues physician practices face on a daily basis. Their ability to precisely identify our areas of vulnerability, coupled with their detailed recommendations and hands-on implementation dramatically improved our day-to-day operations and our billing performance.”

A Turnkey Approach

Assessment, Solutions, Implementation and Training: Results

These five words are the cornerstones of our value proposition. In fact, at HMR we believe that one element without the others is of little value. That is why our team delivers a complete turnkey approach — assessing a given issue, formulating the optimum solutions, implementing those solutions, training your staff to embrace the changes and, most importantly, reporting on the results. Our focus on the achievement and quantification of results consistently delivers successful outcomes for our clients that differentiates HMR from most consultancies.

Some organizations assess…others may tout their perceived solutions…and even others may claim they can train your staff. HMR commits to the identification and resolution of the entire challenge, and stays with you until your leadership group, providers and staff are comfortable that the issue at hand has been properly and thoroughly resolved.